grand dink 125 mmc 1 Manual-de-oficina : pagina 230

                    18. STARTING SYSTEM                                               GRAND DINK 125/150

 Apply grease to the dust seal in the front
 Install the brushes onto the brush holders.
 Apply a thin coat of grease to the two ends of
 the armature shaft.
 Insert the commutator into the front cover.

                                                                      Front Cover
                                                      Tab         Groove            O-ring
 Install a new O-ring to the front cover.
 Install the starter motor case, aligning the tab
 on the motor case with the groove on the
 front cover.
 Tighten the starter motor case screws.

                                                             Motor Case
                                                    O-ring          Starter Motor Cable
 Connect the starter motor cable.
 Check the O-ring for wear or damage and
 replace if necessary.
 Apply grease to the O-ring and install it to the
 starter motor.
 Tighten the two mounting bolts.

 Refer to pages 10-4 and 10-5 for the starter
 clutch removal, inspection and installation.

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